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1. Choose your outfits wisely. 

Don’t think sexy $100+ Victoria Secret Lingerie.. think what do I wear everyday that he loves? Yes – super sexy lingerie is nice, but he thinks its nicer laying on the floor. Show him pictures of you wearing the shorts you wear 4 times a week and he will think about you all glammed up wearing stilletos with that great angle your photographer caught – every single time you’re in them! Also consider his favorite clothes. What does he wear often or love? Are you getting married? Consider his wedding dress shirt, jacket, or socks! Maybe even just one of his ties or favorite hats. The little details are what take your boudoir pics to the next level! Choose your ENTIRE outfit wisely!!
2. Pay attention to details. 

Get your nails done and make sure your ring is clean. Get your eyebrows waxed and try to avoid harsh tan lines. These small details will make your photographer’s job MUCH EASIER!! Accessories make boudoir sessions fun! Consider getting a fun new prop for the bedroom and then surprise him with it when you deliver the pictures. 
3. Find your humor.

Nothing is worse than an uncomfortable and stiff boudoir session! Lighten the mood and be willing to laugh! Real smiles are far more photogenic than anything posed and I can promise you – if you’re taking sexy pictures for him, HE WILL LOVE THEM! He’s not going to be looking at that stretch mark or roll, he’s going to be looking at the women he loves. Let loose – have some fun and you’re pictures will be amazing! 
4. Choose your photographer with care.

This is arguably the most important thing!!! Photographer’s are artists. You wouldn’t walk into an artist’s studio carrying pictures of other people’s art you want them to replicate and expect the replica to be a masterpiece. You also shouldn’t pick a photographer who’s portfolio is full of yellow undertones and expect vibrant colors and black and whites. You are choosing your photographer because you love THEIR ART! 

You not only want to admire their past work, but you have to vibe with your photographer’s personality. They have to make you comfortable and confident. Give you advice and suggestions and be willing to tell you when you’re looking crazy! A true professional photographer isn’t afraid to be bossy and is more than willing to give you suggestions and input BEFORE your session even starts. Be willing to send outfit ideas or visual inspiration of things you like. This is the time to share with your photographer your Pinterest envy! It gives them time to consider your goals and adjust accordingly. It will also give them time to set the proper expectations and prepare the necessary gear to achieve the most successful session possible! 
5. Bring a Tuck & Fluff

What exactly is a Tuck & Fluff?? That’s your most trusted friend who is willing to do just that.. Tuck ‘stuff’ and Fluff ‘stuff’. It’s always helpful to have an extra set of hands on set to create those epic shots that require a little off camera assisance. Or more importantly – someone who is willing to move that piece of hair out of your face or help keep an eye out for your insecurities without your photographer having to constantly jump down and make the adjustments themselves. 

Shooting outdoors? Even more reason to bring someone along to be on lookout! Not all beautiful landscapes are private property. Sometimes this business is a little risqué! Embrace it and have fun!


No matter how much weight you think you need to loose BEFORE or how many “just one more things” you think you need to do – JUST DO IT! Right now – no excuses! Just book a session and let the good times roll. (No pun intended) You won’t regret it and neither will he!! 

Danielle Stiles


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